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Candies and Chocolates


Selenes-sweetshoppe-2Sweet Chocolates

Allow us to top off your party with candies and chocolates served with beauty and elegance.  Any party would shine with gourmet chocolates from New England which melt in your mouth and make a perfect ending to a meal. Why not create a great party centered around our pastries and chocolates and we will add a touch of elengance with Chocolate liquers. Stop by and taste the difference at our Sweet Shoppe on Plains Rd. in Essex, CT


Candy on the Honor System 

Do thoughts of a corner candy store in town that welcomes kids  to pay for their choice of candy on the honor system take you back to a simpler era? Perhaps your child within you rises and thinks of the day you bought candy like that. Does it warm your heart? It certainly does mine. You guessed it. Selene's Sweet Shoppe welcomes kids to pick out their candy and pay for it by the honor system.   But don't let them have too much, it might spoil their lunch. 






Catering by Selene is a full service, year round caterer for both large events for 200 and more to the very small intimate affair. With full bar service and our very own Sweet Shoppe can take care of all details of your event. We pride ourselves in offering the very best at an affordable price and we strive to give you the great hospitality you deserve with our excellent food and excellent waitstaff. 



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