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Southern Hospitality at its finest with Catering by Selene. Well known in Essex for her creative, custom, traditional and BBQ catering, Selene meets you with that personal attention necessary to make your day the best it can be.  



Our Beginnings

CateringbySelene002 My husband Peter and I had been well known in Essex, CT, for many years for our yearly Southern BBQ events in our home. On February 14, 2004 , we opened the doors to our kitchen which housed Porky Pete's BBQ and Catering,  Catering By Selene, and Selenes Sweet Shoppe soon followed

Our southern hospitatily evidenced in our BBQ events grew to include over 150 people. One year at the beckoning of our “WELCOME” poster in the drive, a few New Yorkers took us literally and joined our festivities and food. The laughs enjoyed over the chutzpah at the time were nothing compared to the future humor we have enjoyed in sharing this story of Southern Hospitality in New England.

We still display a 1st Prize Blue Ribbon won by one of our clients using our BBQ smoked St. Louis Ribs.  She was honest and named her winning ribs “I cheated Ribs” and gave us her reward.


Our Current Catering Menus and Events

CateringbySelene018-cOur Company has grown into a  full service catering company with diverse outstanding menus. We cater large formal weddings and events  as well as the very small intimate affairs, BBQ'spicnics, boat excursions, family reunions, clam bakes, corporate meetings and events and holiday parties to name just a few.  

Since we opened our doors in 2004, we have catered events in private homes, yachts, Wadsworth Manison, Waters Edge Resort and Spa, Bushness House in Essex, CT,  Bushnell Farm in Old Saybrook, the Connecticut River Museum, and the Florence Griswald Museum in Old Lyme.    

Do you have a special themed party in mind? Catering By Selene is the perfect place to come for holding your perfect party.


Additional Venues

CateringbySelene009cIn additon to the wedding venues mentioned above, Catering By Selene prides itself in catering in a wide variety of additional venues such as the Corinthian Yacht Club, the Lay House, Bushnell Farm in Old Saybrook. Our have clients include the Essex Rotary, Essex Lions Club, Essex Library and many others. 



Our Specialty: Custom Menus

CateringbySelene012We take pride in the fact that we custom design menus for our customers. If you have a theme in mind, we will research, plan and cater a fabulous event that will exceed your expectations. We specialize in historical food as well as many other themes.

I delight in planning and customizing menus for formal teas, Christmas eve or other holiday parties, national parties such as Italian, Brazilian and much more;


Historical Menus

CateringbySelene011I specialize in 18th century, and many other historical foods and have catered historical events at the Lay house ,for the Essex Library and more. Recently the Connecticut River Museum held its Evening at the Lay House which I catered to make a wonderful event for the whole community. The menu was based on extensive research of the time period and included foods such as roasted corn chowder, pork pie and cranberry pudding.




Catering Pickup Service

CateringbySelene015In today's economy we realize that full service catering is expensive.

The old adage, “you do what you like” is one of my mottos. With this thought in mind, we prepare our catering menu for pick up as long as the minimum number is met. This has proved to be a tremendous success for weddings, home parties, dinner parties, and corporate lunches.Even “food hobbyists” enjoy having us provide delicious goodies for their parties and there is no intrusion of outside staff which saves our clients a great deal. 


Event Planners and Additional Services

CateringbySelene009cWe have an event planner on staff who is able to help coordinate any event if our clients are in need. We can help coordinate, flowers, music, pictures, cakes and desserts, tent rentals, tables, chairs, table coverings, napkins, silverware and glassware.






Catering by Selene is a full service, year round caterer for both large events for 200 and more to the very small intimate affair. With full bar service and our very own Sweet Shoppe can take care of all details of your event. We pride ourselves in offering the very best at an affordable price and we strive to give you the great hospitality you deserve with our excellent food and excellent waitstaff. 



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